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Cole Camp 2013

Updated: May 05, 2013 9:46am PST

BSA Custom Welding and Powder Coating

The Ozark's Best Custom Deck, Dock and Stair Builders/Welders. 573.374 ...

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VP Biden DAV Conference 2012

Shots of US Vice President Joe Biden at the recent Disabled American V ...

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Melvin and Shana (Low-Res)

Updated: Oct 10, 2011 11:16am PST

Melvin&Shana Outakes

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Bill and Dorothy Fairbairn own The Split Rail Country Market in Stover, MO and operate Phozark Images, an award winning photography service located in mid-Missouri, operated through the store. Always learning, we strive to bring the best services and skill to clients ranging from wedding parties, corporate shoots, photojournalism, brochure information and everything in between. In fact, if it’s legal, we’re ready for just anything. A variety of other information may be found at

Prices (sitting fees) at your location begin at $75 per hour, based on any travel distance from Stover, MO. An additional $10 will be added per 25 miles round-trip based upon your location(s) from 996 Highway 52, Stover, MO. A $75 downpayment is required at time of booking and paid proir to the shoot. Sitting fees do not apply toward purchase price of your photographs, however, don't be scared off. Phozark's Images' work is very affordable, so much so, you'll be back again and again. Sitting fees collectedly pay for the cost of equipment, travel time, photograper continuing education, expenses and the photographer's time - both on location and processing your memories. One hour is payable in advance. Gift certificates are available as well. Bartering for services is acceptable and in some cases, encouraged.

One of the best parts of using Bay Area Photo's lab and Smugmug is you get to do your own cropping if required on photos. You get control over the final project. It's easy, fun and a free service! Just click on the "Adjust" button during the checkout process and you're on your way.

Beginning with Polaroid film-backs pulled off electron microscopes during the early 1980's, Bill has strived to maintain leading edge technology. Today, Phozark Images has some the best equipment and services available to professionals, all leading to better products for you.

Printing off the Phozark Images SmugMug site brings you in touch with one of the highest quality print labs in the country. These are not your traditional Wal-Mart, Walgreen's or home ink jet printer photos. Bay Photo (our award winning processing lab in Santa Cruz, CA) color corrects and inspects each individual photo by hand to provide you treasures to enjoy for years to come. The printing papers they use are some of the world's best; in age-less preservation and color reproduction. We use the best because you're worth it here in mid-Missouri! - 573-789-5216.


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